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summer weddingsSummer will soon be upon us, and many couples are using this spring season to plan for their upcoming wedding extravaganza. Summertime weddings are extremely popular , and we understand why. Blue skies, sunshine and abundant nature make the perfect backdrop for a wedding day; not to mention contribute to awesome wedding photos.

Cascading bouquets are all the rage this summer; and one of the hottest trends is the look of undone wildflowers. This style of bouquet evokes a kinship with nature and fits in perfectly at an outdoor event. Choosing flowers that are hardier for the heat is also a priority – great choices include, sunflowers, roses and lilies, which tend to have a better reputation when it comes to withstanding heat and humidity, and staying beautiful throughout the day.

summer weddings summer weddings

Expert Tip: If your have downtime between photos and ceremony or reception, place the stems of the bouquets in water while you wait, to let them rehydrate; a cool and shady place is best to prevent wilting.

Orchids grow well in heat and humidity; utilizing them in unique centerpieces not only guarantees that your guests will be impressed with their singular beauty and your creativity; but that your table will look gorgeous no matter how high the temperatures climb. Don’t forget to add water to any flower, no matter how well they withstand the heat – staying cool and full of water is the best way to enjoy a hot day.

As one of Wilmington’s most popular wedding florists with years of experience, we here at Boyd’s look forward to helping you design striking, seasonally appropriate floral arrangements -don’t waste another minute! Let’s get to planning.

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