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wedding traditions

One of the most memorable days in your life is your wedding day. There are countless details to consider; from the day of the proposal until the walk down the aisle and the first dance at the reception. This special day is steeped in customs and rituals that stem from both the culture we live in, and from centuries-old tradition . Many of the accepted elements of a marriage ceremony have unique and interesting beginnings, dating way back in history. And while many remain with us, many traditions have also been left behind; and they now can seem completely bizarre to us in contemporary culture.

One of the most iconic and widely accepted traditions in America – and much of the Western world – is the white wedding dress. You may think that this tradition has always been a part of the wedding culture, but in reality, this trend only came about thanks to England’s Queen Victoria in 1840. She went against tradition and decided to wear white instead of silver, the accepted color of royal weddings – and women have loved the idea ever since.

Superstitions about good and bad luck as it pertains to the wedding have always been prevalent. For instance, it was believed that looking in the mirror right before she left for for the ceremony would bring the bride good fortune. However, checking a mirror while en route to the wedding would result in bad luck. Speaking of bad luck, brides were urged not to look around on their way to their celebration – if they saw a nun or a monk, the marriage was doomed. Couples were also urged not to marry on their birthday, and not to wed on a Friday or Saturday- both bad omens. Aren’t you glad we don’t  have those types of beliefs today?

Whether you are looking to stick to a traditional wedding, or you decide to change things up a bit, we know that the possibilities are endless! Here at Boyd’s Flowers of Wilmington, our designers have helped many excited brides and grooms create their perfect flower arrangements. Allow us to bring your floral dreams to life!


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