Choosing the Perfect Wedding Orchid


One of the most popular flowers that brides choose for their wedding bouquets is the orchid. This exquisite flower embodies luxury, beauty, and love and in that sense, represents a perfect choice for many brides. But although white orchids have traditionally been used in classic cascading bouquets and lush arrangements, today’s brides are often choosing a more modern version of the bridal orchid for their personal flowers and centerpieces. Boyd’s Flowers has been helping Wilmington and Newark couples choose their wedding florals for decades, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

wedding orchid


There are various types of orchids trending in this season, and the green cymbidium orchid is one of the most coveted. With exquisite color and an exotic aesthetic,  this unique bloom puts a modern spin on the traditional wedding orchid. The cymbidium blends well with many diverse flowers and colors, allowing the intricate artistry and creative design that Boyd’s Flowers’ team is known for.

The popular green color is most often paired with white or cream roses, lilies and hydrangea; it also looks beautiful with shades of purple and pink, or even with interesting succulent elements. If the bride is looking to distinguish her flowers from the rest of the ceremony, will use green orchids with an accent color, which is then repeated throughout the boutonnieres, corsages, cake flowers and centerpieces.  One thing is clear, the vast diversity of the orchid will give the bride a myriad of choices within the species.

wedding orchid

As you begin the process of planning a wedding,  make the decision to include the beauty and natural romanticism that the orchid brings. Whether you have dreams of a classical, extravagant cascading bouquet; or a cake simply adorned with tiny petals, the floral designers at Boyd’s Flowers will listen to your desires, give you suggestions and show you options so that you can make the best possible choice of wedding orchid for your perfect day.

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