Creative Ideas for Floral Proposals

floral proposals

You’ve waited your whole life for this moment – and so has the person standing nervously in front of you. You want everything to go perfectly and for it to be just beautiful. From the proposal to your reception, florals play an integral role – and the wedding experts at Boyd’s Flowers have the ideas and inspiration that you need.
Much of what you decide will be based upon your loved one’s personality. Do they like being the center of attention, or would they be mortified with a big public display? Do they like things simple and casual, or are they more sophisticated and elegant? Consider all these factors when planning your proposal.
floral proposals

Make Her Feel Special – While a bouquet of flowers is expected, you may also prefer a floral lei or perhaps a corsage. You’ll want to think about favorite flowers, as well as the location of the proposal and the practicality of your choice. For instance, a floral crown looks lovely in photos and keeps her hands free if you are eating dinner or doing something active.

There Seems to be a Theme: Create an atmosphere of florals, all day long. From the bouquet delivered to work to the flowers on the table at the restaurant, choose their favorite flower or color, and stick with it. It will allow you to build up to the big question.

The All-Day Proposal:
Enlist the people that cross their path every day – from the barista, to the receptionist at work – to hand them a single stem flower when they meet. Throughout the day, the bouquet and the suspense will be building. When it is time for the main event. present the last blooms, with the ring surrounding the stems.

There are countless ways to plan floral proposals, and the way you ask is up to you! At Boyd’s Flowers, we can assist you will all your wedding florals, start to finish – and would love to be a part of the very beginning of your journey as well!

Boyd’s Flowers is proud to provide spectacular flowers, bouquets, venue decor and more for Wilmington area weddings. Give us a call today!

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