Pantone Colors Include Vibrant Pink, Orange, Blue

Pantone colors

There are many colors represented in the 2017 Pantone trending list, but te color that came out on top for 2017 is Greenery!
Pantone colors
The annual Pantone Color Report is compiled by color experts who analyze the trends on the fashion runways. Inspired by the upcoming year’s collections,  the trending colors for the upcoming season are announced, and the picks influence everything from home design to wedding decor.  The choices for 2017 represent a broad spectrum of colors found in nature but include something for everyone.

Should you choose something from the year’s hottest color schemes, or have your own ideas – the floral design experts at Boyd’s Flowers will professionally match your colors and your dresses with the perfect flowers.
The previously mentioned Pink Yarrow is a vibrant pink color described as captivating and impossible to ignore. For those looking for a whimsical wedding color, that lifts the spirits, this is a great choice. The shade also works beautifully with another top pick, Greenery – a yellow-green chartreuse color which embodies the essence of a new spring day. Another surprising yet gorgeous pick is Lapis Blue, an intense and saturated color which radiates confidence. This color pairs especially well with the other green shade on the list, Kale. This darker shade of green is verdant and lush and is most often evidenced in leaves and foliage or succulents.Pantone colors

Too Bright for You? Pale Dogwood gives you the opportunity to be “pretty in pink” in a more subtle way, with a romantic hue that exudes innocence. There are two additional blues on the list as well – the classic denim comfort of Niagara, and the soothing aqua vibe of Island Paradise. Pantone colors Heading to the warm end of the spectrum, Primrose Yellow will add cheerful sunshine to any wedding bouquet, and the vibrant orange of Flame will add spice and fire to your wedding decor. Wrap your event in sunshine by invoking these inviting shades.

The 2017 Pantone colors truly do reflect something for everyone – if you’d like to experiment with colors and flowers, call Boyd’s Flowers and make an appointment for a consultation. We’d love to help you choose the perfect colors for your special day, and help you to discover the blooms that would be best. After all, beautiful flowers are our passion.

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