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What Flowers to Use at Your Bridal Shower

shutterstock_150361421Are you the bride’s best friend and tasked with planning the bridal shower? It’s a special occasion that is an endearing and fun way to celebrate the bride’s big day. Will you choose a friend’s house to hold the event? Will you call a local business and arrange for a special meal?

Wherever you choose to hold the bridal shower, you’ll want to add some beautiful flowers to the event to add some easy elegance to the occasion.

Symbolism and Bridal Shower Flowers

As you choose a theme and a location for the bridal shower, the flowers should enter into presentation of that theme, and it’s a lovely thought to use flowers to symbolize a deeper meaning for the celebration. For example, you might ask the bride about the colors she’s chosen for her wedding and reception and choose flowers in those same hues.

For example, perhaps the bride loves light, pastel colors and has chosen ivory and peach for her weddings colors. You might think about ordering pairs of white and peach carnations for each guest at the bridal shower. As a beautiful party favor, these pairs of flowers will represent the future “Mr. and Mrs.” of the wedding.

Tip: Ask the bride which florist she’s using for her wedding. You can make a call and get some simple arrangements made that will feel like lovely little previews of what the bride will see at her ceremony.

Making Things Simple Before the Wedding

A dream wedding often takes a serious amount of resources, but some brides aren’t used to the great deal of attention they receive before the event. One way to remain on budget and to accommodate a shy bride is to think about combining the bachelorette party and the bridal shower into one occasion.

If the bride would probably enjoy a movie night with her girlfriends instead of a night on the town, you might think about a small bridal shower just a few weeks before the wedding that combines these events into one, very special gathering. It’s a savvy way to save money, and it’s also a lovely way to show the bride you know her personality before her big day.

The most important part of planning a bridal shower for your best friend is thinking what the bride would plan herself and bringing that to life with her friends. Think about what makes the bride one of your dear friends and plan accordingly with flowers to give her a beautiful send-off into married life.