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How to Use Chrysanthemums in Your Fall Wedding Floral Designs

chrysanthemumAre you planning a fall wedding? Autumn is such a beautiful time of year along the eastern seaboard. The crisp air brings out the beautiful colors, transforming green trees into a kaleidoscope of warm earth tones that belong indoors in décor as much as they belong to nature. You can always count on Boyd’s Flowers to create exquisite floral designs that are customized to reflect your personality and all the elements of your wedding.


When we think of fall flowers, the first one that comes to mind is the chrysanthemum. They come in an expansive array of colors that blend perfectly with the seasonal outdoor colors.


We looked to the experts at The Knot to see how brides throughout the country use chrysanthemums for their wedding flowers. We saw them in bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, in flower arrangements used for the ceremony, reception table centerpieces, and for accents throughout the wedding venue. We thought we’d show you some examples of floral designs that are suited to any wedding theme, regardless of whether the venue is an indoor space or outdoor area.


Using Chrysanthemums in Bridal and Bridesmaids Bouquets


If you want to embrace simplicity in the flowers you or your bridesmaids carry, consider using daisies as the chief white flower for the bouquets. To add a touch of color, use chrysanthemums. You can use different varieties to add volume, dimension or interest. Miniature pincushion mums are ideal for filling in bare spots. Giant spider mums give a bouquet some texture. There are chrysanthemums that look a lot like daisies. Using those in typically autumnal colors adds to the seasonal feeling of your bouquet.


If you are looking for an earthier design, consider something like our Fall Leaves arrangement.  Yellow, bronze, and green chrysanthemums work especially well with giant yellow sunflowers, orange roses, and red hypericum berries to create a bright floral arrangement with a rustic touch.


We surround the flowers with sprigs of seeded eucalyptus and nestle fall-colored tree leaves among the flowers for added interest. This type of display would work well as centerpieces on the tables of a reception space of a rustic-themed wedding. We can envision this combination of flowers and accents in bouquets.


Embrace the Harvest Aspect of the Season in Your Centerpieces


If your venue isn’t too formal, you may want to consider using fun ceramic containers that enhance the seasonal feel of your flowers. Our Kelli Cart ceramic scarecrow pulling a wheelbarrow is too adorable for words. We fill it with an assortment of fall-colored flowers, including chrysanthemums. We add accents of cattails and miniature pumpkins to capture the real feeling of a fall harvest.