Using Tall Wedding Centerpieces on Your Big Day

wedding centerpiecesThe 2016 wedding season is well underway in Wilmington, as brides and grooms who became engaged over the holidays are busy planning their big day. From popular wedding websites, to bridal expos and online photo boards, there are literally thousands of beautiful images to inspire couples. Whatever the color scheme, whatever the theme, the top trends are easily discerned. Those who track such trends give us insight as to what the majority of couples seem to be choosing; yet the beauty of a wedding is that you can design everything, from venue to dresses, to fit your unique style.


There are several trends when it comes to florals that are of note. First, while some brides will always love the vibe of brights and neons, these hues seem to be giving way to more vintage blush palettes and cascading, unkempt arrangements that more closely resemble nature. Secondly, the matching uniformity of a traditional wedding is also falling out of vogue; when it comes to bridesmaid dresses and floral arrangements, choices that are similar yet complementary are becoming more popular. Another floral choice that has always been popular, but is definitely trending in this season, is the tall centerpiece. These dramatic arrangements are an ideal design choice, because they easily fit into nearly any venue or reception hall effortlessly.

wedding centerpieces wedding centerpieces

The high centerpiece is aesthetically dramatic; filling the empty air in a space with grace and beauty. But as beautiful as the arrangement can be, it is also functionally attractive. Wedding reception photographs are more compelling with the elongated, graceful floral rising above the tabletops; these elegant arrangements also allow for easier interaction for your guests around the table, with the flowers well out of line of sight. With so many ways to incorporate high centerpieces into your décor – from a stalk of gladiolas to orchids in tall, slender vases – it is easy to see why they are so popular this year.


When it comes time to design the florals for your wedding, choose Wilmington’s premiere wedding florist. The experts at Boyd’s Flowers have created gorgeous bridal bouquets, altar flowers and venue arrangements for hundreds of Wilmington area couples, and we look forward to helping you to plan your dream wedding day.


Because although there will be millions of weddings in 2016, none is more important than yours.

Boyd’s Flowers Favorite Wedding Flowers of 2015

wedding flowers2015 was a great year for weddings at Boyd’s Flower Shop. We design stunning floral arrangements for many Wilmington area events, but without a doubt, weddings are the most meaningful of all celebrations. Before we look ahead to 2016, let’s look back for a moment at a couple of our favorite custom bouquets and arrangements from recent weddings; If you are planning a wedding this year, we hope these photos will provide a creative spark of inspiration.

wedding flowers wedding flowers

Bridal bouquets are often classic and timeless; but if your vision is a bit more colorful and unique, Boyd’s will create a bridal bouquet sure to impress. Calla lilies, succulents and stargazer lilies in unconventional and cascading arrangements make a striking picture as you walk down the aisle.

wedding flowers wedding flowers

Bridesmaids bouquets don’t have to be boring when Boyd’s is designing your flowers – let us help you to work with exotic and non-traditional blooms like orchids and larkspur for gorgeous floral displays.

wedding flowers wedding flowers

When deciding on a floral theme, consider how you can incorporate the elements throughout your venue; by utilizing complementary flowers and accents, the entire venue will be beautifully integrated. This bride and groom chose ivory and cream roses and lilies in a glass cylinder vase; then placed miniature glass vases and a pair of smaller roses on three green leaves for a living place setting. Simply elegant.


If you are newly engaged, congratulations! We would love the opportunity to meet with you and talk about the hundreds of ways you can make your wedding extraordinary. Your bouquets, venue décor and altar flowers will go a long way to bringing your dream wedding to life – the experts at Boyd’s Flowers are here to help! We are all looking forward to a great year.

A New Year’s Engagement & Your Wedding Planning

new year's engagementNew Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting days of the year, and it can reach a fever-pitch when you pair the evening with a marriage proposal. From proposals at the stroke of midnight to engagements in the midst of dear friends, a wedding proposal on New Year’s Eve may be just as memorable as the wedding that comes along later. The floral stylists at Boyd’s Flowers will help you choose beautiful flowers for your nuptials.

Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Some couples let the season guide their choice of flowers while other couples choose their personal, favorite colors and create meaningful bouquets out of those hues. If you’re not yet set on the colors you want for your wedding, you might think about taking a cue from the Pantone Color Report Spring 2016.

The colors expected to become the most popular of the season run the gamut from soft pinks to bright blues, and you can choose many complementary shades amongst Pantone’s selection. There’s a bluish purple color called “serenity,” which would look gorgeous when presented in a cube of hydrangeas or a towering orchid.

Pinks and purples are ideal for a tranquil spring wedding, but if your wedding will occur on a date that’s closer to summer, you might think about some of the brighter colors in this year’s canvas of popular hues. A vivid shade of yellow called “buttercup” would look gorgeous for the corsages worn by the wedding party and the parents of the couple.

Contrasting Colors for a Vivid Wedding

When we think of wedding colors, we often see subtle, matching shades like pale blue and cornflower or rose and pink. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, the colors this spring can help you design a bright and memorable wedding for your guests. For example, the strong shade of “snorkel blue” would look beautiful alongside the juicy yellow color of “buttercup.”

Imagine your cake flowers decorated with bright yellow and blue flowers with a background of pure white icing. The colors would also look incredible for the bouquets and garlands hung around the reception area. You may also think about choosing one color as your featured color and some matching shades as your support colors.

Close your eyes and imagine your wedding. What colors do you see? While the memory of your New Year’s engagement is still fresh in your mind, it’s time to start planning the wedding!


Winter Weddings with Boyd’s Flowers

winter weddingWhile red and purple are often used for winter weddings, you can create a stunning wedding display with something even more simple. Using just white, gray, silver and possibly gold, you can turn your wedding venue into a winter wonderland. Boyd’s Flowers is here to help you with breathtaking winter floral arrangements that will make your venue shine.

winter weddingLet White Be the Focal Point of Your Bouquet

Imagine walking down the isle in your white gown, holding a bouquet with brilliant white lilies, roses and orchids. Whether you choose a classic cascade bouquet or something with a more modern twist, Boyd’s team will design the ideal look, using white blooms and light greenery to accent.

For winter weddings, hand-tied bouquets of white roses are particularly popular. Tie a gray ribbon around the bouquet, and consider adding some pinecones for interest, and you have the ideal look for your festivities. No matter which style you try, Boyd’s Flowers will help you design the exact look you want.

Use White Flowers as Decor

Floral arrangements made with white chrysanthemums and roses capture the essence of winter with a hint of spring. Bring these into your reception hall and ceremony venue to add elegance and beauty to your wedding.

Capitalize on Christmas Lights

While your wedding may not be around Christmas time, this is the season when Christmas lights are readily available. Stock up on white lights to decorate your reception hall. You can also use these on the platform of your venue behind flowing tulle to provide a romantic look to the wedding ceremony itself.

Add in Candlelight

Candles are also readily available in the winter. White and gray candles strategically placed around your reception hall add a warm ambiance to the festivities. All you need to use candles effectively is the candles and some clear glass vases or even some mirrors to set them on.

Accent with the Outdoorswinter wedding

If you want to add a little color to your winter wedding, you don’t have to go crazy with deep reds and purples. Instead, bring in a little bit of nature. Holly, pine branches, pine cones, and succulents can accent your white and gray winter wedding and bring in soft color to add interest, without a bright color.

No matter what you choose for your winter wedding, you need the right florist to help. Boyd’s Flowers has a team of wedding floral arrangers who are ready and willing to help. Contact them today to discuss your wedding plans.


How to Use Chrysanthemums in Your Fall Wedding Floral Designs

chrysanthemumAre you planning a fall wedding? Autumn is such a beautiful time of year along the eastern seaboard. The crisp air brings out the beautiful colors, transforming green trees into a kaleidoscope of warm earth tones that belong indoors in décor as much as they belong to nature. You can always count on Boyd’s Flowers to create exquisite floral designs that are customized to reflect your personality and all the elements of your wedding.


When we think of fall flowers, the first one that comes to mind is the chrysanthemum. They come in an expansive array of colors that blend perfectly with the seasonal outdoor colors.


We looked to the experts at The Knot to see how brides throughout the country use chrysanthemums for their wedding flowers. We saw them in bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, in flower arrangements used for the ceremony, reception table centerpieces, and for accents throughout the wedding venue. We thought we’d show you some examples of floral designs that are suited to any wedding theme, regardless of whether the venue is an indoor space or outdoor area.


Using Chrysanthemums in Bridal and Bridesmaids Bouquets


If you want to embrace simplicity in the flowers you or your bridesmaids carry, consider using daisies as the chief white flower for the bouquets. To add a touch of color, use chrysanthemums. You can use different varieties to add volume, dimension or interest. Miniature pincushion mums are ideal for filling in bare spots. Giant spider mums give a bouquet some texture. There are chrysanthemums that look a lot like daisies. Using those in typically autumnal colors adds to the seasonal feeling of your bouquet.


If you are looking for an earthier design, consider something like our Fall Leaves arrangement.  Yellow, bronze, and green chrysanthemums work especially well with giant yellow sunflowers, orange roses, and red hypericum berries to create a bright floral arrangement with a rustic touch.


We surround the flowers with sprigs of seeded eucalyptus and nestle fall-colored tree leaves among the flowers for added interest. This type of display would work well as centerpieces on the tables of a reception space of a rustic-themed wedding. We can envision this combination of flowers and accents in bouquets.


Embrace the Harvest Aspect of the Season in Your Centerpieces


If your venue isn’t too formal, you may want to consider using fun ceramic containers that enhance the seasonal feel of your flowers. Our Kelli Cart ceramic scarecrow pulling a wheelbarrow is too adorable for words. We fill it with an assortment of fall-colored flowers, including chrysanthemums. We add accents of cattails and miniature pumpkins to capture the real feeling of a fall harvest.


Design Ideas for Your Vintage Themed Wedding

vintage weddingVintage weddings seem to be more in style than ever, and a vintage theme can take your special day to new heights of elegance. From Great Gatsby-inspired opulence to chic Art Deco to the modern-retro looks of the 40s and 50s, there’s an ideal vintage look just for you. Of course, you’ll need flowers to complete the vibe and atmosphere. Consider these floral and design ideas for a vintage themed wedding to remember:

A Baroque Garden Party Any Time of Year

The al fresco wedding receptions of yesteryear went on late into the warm summer evening, but you can create this theme both indoors and out. Use arches, gazebos and trellises as the basis for a garden party theme, and weave generous amounts of flowers into each element to convey the look of a garden in full bloom.

Abundant high centerpieces can carry garden elegance throughout your reception hall, but so can more understated centerpiece arrangements that are bursting with color.

Adding Key Details

A vintage wedding theme can be romantic, dream-like, elegant and charming, and the final details can help with bringing the theme home in the perfect way for you and your partner. Adding antiques to table décor and throughout the reception hall can ensure your vintage theme flows throughout the space. Combining them with flowers enhances the effect and offers a compelling interplay of old and new.

Scour thrift shops, flea markets and antique stores for deals on key accents and elements to help your vintage theme strike the perfect note. Rustic crates, weathered signs, old prints, books, postcards, pieces of luggage and even an old phone or typewriter can help bring vintage charm to any space.

Make it Personal

Select items that tell a story and tap into who you are as a couple in terms of your style, preferences and desired atmosphere. An antique copper pot, an old watering can or a vintage vase could be the perfect container for floral centerpieces. Mixing old and new can be very compelling, as can juxtaposing contrasts of style and texture. Add a few elegant white roses or lilies to a predominantly wildflower bouquet, and you’re sure to create eye-catching centerpieces. A cascading bouquet is decidedly vintage, offering a beautiful and refreshing departure from the more compact, symmetrical bouquets of today.

A vintage wedding theme brings elegance, charm and grace to your special day. Use these ideas as inspiration, and contact Boyd’s Flowers for all your floral design needs.


Wedding Greenery

wedding greeneryThe right flowers and arrangements can be an enormous asset for couples interested in creating a particular look and feel for their wedding ceremony and reception. Over the years we at Boyd’s Flowers have found that in addition to using some of our gorgeous flowers, adding a bit of green into the decorations can be a fantastic decision. Greenery easily contributes to the look of the celebration and can help accentuate the colors of the other blooms. The greenery can also be used to create a unique look by itself.

We have had several couples who have approached us about using greenery and foliage in their wedding celebration and reception. Here are a few fantastic ideas that can help make the search for the perfect wedding arrangements a bit easier.

Reception table ideas

There are a number of different types of reception table ideas that can be used to incorporate greenery. If you are going for a more modern look, you might consider something like our green Cymbidium in a clear cylinder vase. These tubes can be placed down the middle of the table.

You can also go the more traditional route be incorporating branches and greenery into a low lying table arrangement.

In the hair

A little greenery can be perfect for headpieces for the bride or bridesmaids. We made a Calla lilly flower crown that it work spectacularly well (image 6 in the flowers for your hair slideshow) . The white and green looked excellent and perfectly complemented the hair and clothing of the bride.

The Ceremony

wedding greeneryWhether a couple is getting married indoors or outdoors, most people want to decorate the pews and seats for their guests. This is another fabulous way to incorporate some greenery. We have had couples who desired ceremony decorations that incorporate foliage as well as green and white flowers to complete their desired look. We have also seen seat decorations that combined elegant white flowers with beautiful hanging greens for a lovely look we adored.

Flowers are an excellent way to decorate for a wedding. They add a gorgeous burst of color and create a spectacular atmosphere that everyone loves. Those interested in incorporating some green and foliage into their wedding ceremony and reception should consider some of our above ideas and see which ones would work best for them.


Shades of Pink for Your Wedding

pink weddingChoosing the colors from your wedding day doesn’t have to be hard. Simply start by deciding on the ambiance you wish to convey. Is your perfect day softly romantic; or is it electric and passionate? Do you want your guests to celebrate in a casual atmosphere, or enjoy an elegant soiree? Whatever the mood, the various shades of pink can provide the perfect backdrop for your day.

pink weddingThe palest blush pink can be paired with other pastel colors, and works especially well with champagnes and ivories to create a vintage bouquet that exudes romance. Corals pinks have a more exotic feel, and look amazing when set off with blues and grays. Deeper pinks connote mature femininity, and are wonderful for seaside or waterfront weddings. If you love the idea of pink but are more bold than demure, hot pinks and fuchsias will show off your exuberantly loving personality.

Whichever shade of pink best matches your style, fun and inventive details and accents will really make your room sing. A hot pink bloom holding your hair back will stand out against a white gown; punch bowls of pink lemonade with strawberries can add a feminine touch to your tables, and cascading pink pink weddingflowers adorning a wedding cake adds a sophisticated touch to your dessert table. From boutonnieres to bouquets, gorgeous peonies, roses, lilies, hydrangea and tulips will make your wedding bloom with color. Stop into Boyd’s Flowers of Wilmington to speak to wedding consultants with the expertise and inspiration required to help you to design your dream wedding, whether it is pink or any other color. It’s your day – color it beautiful with flowers.

Deciding on the Perfect Flowers for Your Fall Wedding

fall weddingA wedding is arguably one of the most important days in a couple’s life. Every couple wants their wedding to be the event of their dreams. That’s why it is so important to start planning every detail of that all-important day, long before it happens. We get excited about every season’s new trends.

The Biggest Trends for the Fall of 2015 and How They Relate to Flowers

fall weddingThis year, the gurus at The Knot are stressing the importance of earthy fall colors. Fall colors on their own wouldn’t feel like anything special – especially as the inspiration for wedding flowers or décor. Deep wine-colored red is the hot color of the season, and it’s showing up on the runways in the bridesmaids’ bouquets. It’s also a big part of flower arrangements – for both ceremonies and receptions.décor. Deep wine-colored red is the hot color of the season, and it’s showing up on the runways in the bridesmaids’ bouquets. It’s also a big part of flower arrangements – for both ceremonies and receptions.


fall weddingAnother new trend this year is the mixing of pastel colors with the earthy fall colors. Designersare showing pastel colored dresses for the bridal party and pastel colored shirts for the groomsmen. Instead of matching the flower colors to the color of dresses, this fall is all about emphasizing the contrast between warm and cool colors by using rich earthy fall colors for bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.

There is no reason that a bride can’t have a bouquet of white flowers. The contrast of those white flowers against the fall colors that are used elsewhere in floral arrangements, really adds an element of drama to the overall wedding design.


fall wedding

Copper is another huge trend for this fall. Copper Moscow mules are a popular alternative to traditional cocktail glasses – especially if couples are opting to serve a signature cocktail with a seasonal flair or something like a hot mulled wine. Gold and silver chargers are a thing of the past. Copper chargers are another new spin on an old tradition, and couples who use them can incorporate this new trend into their tablescapes. Copper chargers are very appropriate for a rustic-themed reception where couples decide to seat their guests at long farm-style tables instead of round tables.

For centerpieces, the season’s biggest trend is planter boxes. Planter boxes made of recycled wood, galvanized metal, hammered copper and handmade ceramic planter boxes are ideally suited to the other big fall floral trend for weddings. Interesting looking foliage is replacing an abundance of flowers in the centerpieces and other floral wedding décor.


W21425545009072710718The Knot shows rustic planter boxes filled with grayish green colored eucalyptus leaves that cascade over the side of the boxes. Ornamental grass and fern-like leaves are also used in the planter boxes. Ornamental grasses in deep reds, wheat-colored tan, or golden-yellow provide an interesting contrast to the eucalyptus leaves. A few flowers in varying shades of deep red are added to the planter box in a way that makes the whole arrangement look like it wasn’t planned.

Let Boyd’s Flowers help you customize all of the flowers for your fall wedding. We’ll help you incorporate the season’s trends into something that’s uniquely your own.


How to Decorate for an Outdoor Wedding

outdoor weddingOutdoor weddings are one of the biggest trends for 2015, with couples opting for settings like parks, gardens, bucolic farm land or relaxing beaches for their wedding ceremonies and receptions. Instead of elaborately catered meals, brides and grooms are choosing from options like farm to table meals from local growers, a casual barbeque, picnic fare, or a pig roast. Styles and decor reflect the leisurely outdoor mood as well. Consider these theme and decor ideas for your outdoor wedding:

A Picnic with Wildflowers

Your wedding can be as simple as an outdoor picnic, with decor to match your personal style and sensibility. Wildflowers make an excellent accent flower for picnic weddings, from bouquets and boutonnieres to the reception centerpieces. Daisies, snapdragons, sunflowers, phlox and baby blue eyes can all create beautiful wildflower accents.

outdoor weddingA Bohemian Flair

What characterizes Bohemian flair? Think back to the flower children of the 1970s: simple, flowing dresses, casual sandals and flower crowns and tiaras. Mix in funky accessories, shabby chic furniture and accents, and you have all the makings of a Bohemian celebration. This free-spirited style definitely lends itself to an outdoor setting. Consider accenting your reception tables with tea roses or miniature carnations.

Go Country

Rural decor choices and accents are another fun way to make the most of your outdoor wedding. If you have access to farmland, a cleaned-out barn, a park or rolling field where you can set up some simple white tents and picnic tables, you have the perfect scenario for a country-themed wedding. Keep it chic with traditional wedding flowers if you wish. You can also encourage guests to dress in their finest boots, jeans and cowboy hats.

outdoor weddingAn Elegant Garden Party

One of the most refined ways to host an outdoor wedding is by having a garden party theme. A lush garden can be accented with arches, trellises and a gazebo for photo opportunities. A hand-tied, cascading or nosegay bouquet can accent your outdoor ceremony perfectly.

Barefoot on the Beach

If you and your spouse-to-be love the water, a beach wedding is the ideal outdoor theme idea. Whether you’re near a lake or the seaside, nautical inspired touches like sea shells, starfish, sand dollars and artful driftwood can be the perfect accents.

Outdoor weddings are trending now, and there are many ways to make the most of this decor direction. Consider these outdoor wedding theme ideas, and contact Boyd’s Flowers for more floral ideas and inspiration.